Kamis, 28 April 2011

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japanese man nabbed after climbing tokyo landmark

a japanese man made his way to a spot about 100 m above ground on a famous tokyo landmark on sunday. it may have been a reckless attempt to impress a girl.

japanese private broadcaster "TV Asashi" showed the footage of a man standing on an iron frame on the exterior of the 333 metres tokyo tower and unfurling a banner adomed with a large red heart and words that appeared to be the name of the girl.

"Maybe he intended this as a message for someone. i suspect that is the case since it had a heart on it," a tokyo police official said.

the man, who claims to be 31 came down from a spot around 100 metres high after being persuaded by the police and was arrested for trespassing the police official said.

just how he managed to get up there remains a mystery. "it's not clear how he got in and where he began his climb," the police official said there was no way to get to where the man had climbed from the in.

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